Welcome to Tiwi Islands

The people of the Tiwi Islands are famous for their traditional lifestyle, stunning artworks, vibrant fabrics and textiles, plus an exuberant passion for football.

Accessible by plane and boat, the Tiwi Islands comprise of two main islands – Bathurst and Melville, which are 80km off the coast of Darwin. Proud of their stunning island home and their strong Aboriginal culture, Tiwi residents welcome the opportunity to share their knowledge and Aboriginal heritage with business events delegates. A bustling Aboriginal art centre, spectacular beachside sunsets, nature-based wildlife tours and remote fishing lodges combine to make the Tiwi Islands one of the NT’s most unique and vibrant destinations for business events.

Tiwi Islands inspiration 

From energising and inspiring workshops, to grounding and relaxing nature-based experiences, Tiwi Islands is ideal for pre and post business events day-trips. 

Climate & weather


Min/max temperature
range °C

Min/max temperature
range °F

The Dry (May-October)

20-32°C 68-90°F

Tropical Summer (November-April)

24-32°C 75-90°F