Welcome to Uluru

As the sun rises over the desert in the presence of Uluru, it signals a meaningful moment in the day, when anything seems possible. Breathing in deeply, the clean crisp air and wide-open spaces instantly clear your head. You feel grounded in this place and connected with the people around you.

Uluru brings delegates together, physically and spiritually, to learn, exchange knowledge and experience nature on a vast scale. The rich cultural heritage permeates every aspect of life here. Its people, their stories, their art, and their songs are all connected in this living cultural landscape. As you open your mind to a deeper understanding of this place, you begin to see things differently, with a sense of wonder and enlightenment.

For business events, there are endless opportunities to weave Uluru’s unique natural and cultural elements into your program. Learn how the local flora and fauna have adapted to survive here. Sit with Aboriginal elders and learn about traditional foods and medicines; or gaze in wonder at the expanse of stars that blanket the sky here on a cool clear night. With luxury accommodation and business events facilities, iconic natural surroundings, and abundant cultural experiences, Uluru is a contemporary and uplifting destination for business events. 

Climate & weather


Min/max temperature
range °C

Min/max temperature
range °F

Summer (Dec - Feb)20-38°C 68-100°F

Autumn (Mar - May)

12-28°C 54-82°F
Winter (Jun - Aug)03-21°C 37-70°F
Spring (Sept - Nov)13-31°C 55-88°F