Welcome to Alice Springs

Alice Springs’ wide open spaces and clear skies give you the freedom to think bigger than ever before. With the distractions of daily life out of the picture, the region inspires feelings of unlimited potential. Located at the foot of the iconic MacDonnell Ranges, Alice Springs provides an authentic outback experience coupled with high quality business events infrastructure. 

Catering for all types of business events, Alice Springs offers a range of accommodation and a diverse selection of off-site venues showcasing local produce against a backdrop of iconic landscapes. 

Alice Springs allows business events visitors to develop a much deeper understanding of Central Australian Aboriginal culture, through award-winning tours and workshops showcasing local art, stories and traditional practices. 

Industry experts in renewable energy, health, education, space science, and digital technology, deliver real-world insights and local perspectives.

Climate & weather


Min/max temperature
range °C

Min/max temperature
range °F

Summer (Dec - Feb)20-35°C 68-95°F

Autumn (Mar - May)

13-27°C 55-81°F
Winter (Jun - Aug)05-20°C 41-68°F
Spring (Sept - Nov)14-30°C 57-86°F