Australia’s Northern Territory offers a multi-sensory experience that transcends the physical and connects you to the land, the ancient culture and the people.

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We’ve hosted PULiiMA every second year since 2007. We were impressed by both the city and the conference venue. The liaison and technical support staff at the Darwin Convention Centre were exceptional. All aspects of the four-day event – the registration process, workshops, exhibition and the conference itself - ran very smoothly.

Daryn McKenny, Event Director, Miromaa Aboriginal Language and Technology Centre
Darwin city
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Now, I realise I had such a limited understanding of what we could offer our incentive clients in the NT, but the Top End Incentive Famil bust that wide open. Prior to COVID, our programs were primarily international and there is this pre-conceived notion that the product in Australia can’t hold the same level of excitement or intrigue, but that is just not true.

Sarah-Jane Padget, Event Manager, DCIM
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I was so blown away that I literally walked in the door, dropped my bag and phoned my client to tell him he needs to give me 2 days of his time for a site visit because I think he will be blown away and not look any further for his 2022 program. Clearly my excitement and enthusiasm after returning from the destination has given him reason to rethink the location for his program.

Melanie Pereira, Senior Account Manager, Impact Events
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The event was very successful and the hospitality was so positive – my fellow management in Europe had expressed initial concerns about using a regional location but these fears were unfounded. There was no drop in the number of attendees and the hosted agents are now making positive decisions on what they experienced

Rod Hearps, Vice President, ICEF-Asia Pacific
Aboriginal rock art
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Alice has far more to offer than I originally thought. There’s a diverse range of event spaces and opportunities for delegates. The community spirit is unmatched. You can really tell there’s a willingness to ensure events are memorable and succeed.

Sophie Hind, Conference Manager, DC Conference & Association Management
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The conference was hugely successful thanks to a team of people from NT Business Events supporting us, and also through the hard work of the Hilton and Darwin Entertainment Centre staff. We had a Net Promoter score of 93/100 in our survey, completed by 350 people, which is awesome. Many people told us that not only was this the best FCA conference they’d been to, but was the best conference they’d ever been to anywhere.

Lauren Levin, Director of Policy, Financial Counselling Australia
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Since departing the Top End I have not been able to stop talking about how special an experience this was and can not wait to bring my own groups up there so they can feel the same. The Top End is a great mix of culture, history, wow factor and you can create unforgettable experiences for groups.

Joanie Leveque, Account Manager, Destination
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